Moisturizing Effect Facial Emulsion

Moisturizing Effect Facial Emulsion

Moisturizing Effect Facial Emulsion

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Healthy Moistfull Formula 1

Moistfull Recharge with Super collagen Water fine particles

Fine-particle sized low molecules, dissociated by hydrolysis (a.k.a hydrolized collagen) are contained, and increases the absorption of collagen and deeply hydrates the skin.

Healthy Moistfull Formula 2

Moist Skincare with a super plant Lupinus Albus protein
It’s a plant that grows in barren soil that contains protein, which is in charge of transforming your skin into moist skin.

Healthy Moistfull Formula 3

Moistfull Collagen Toner 200ml
Watery Essence Texture
Delivers an instant moisture & hydration to the skin

Healthy Moistfull Formula 4

Moistfull Collagen Emulsion 180ml
Soft Milk Type Texture
Delivers long-lasting moisture, while being very gentle on the skin.

Healthy Moistfull Formula 4

Human Skin Patch Test Completed

Dermatological Test Completed
Tested to check presence of any abnormal skin reactions after product application

How to use

After cleansing, take an adequate amount into your palm and gently pat & absorb it onto the skin.

Recommend For

Dry skin with rough skin texture
Skin in need of instant moisture recharge
Skin lacking oil-moisture balance
Weak and fragile skin due to daily irritations

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