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At www.essenceing.com, The Terms & Conditions are oftentimes called "The Terms" and sometimes as "Terms of Use". Shoppers/Visitors have to agree this section after reading thoroughly, else they will not be acceptable to use our site anymore.

This site is not for minors. Users under 18 years of age are all regarded as minors. In case if children are engaged in this site, they are suggested to take parental guidance. Consequently, one should herewith declare that if anything illegal results, only the minors and his/her supervisor(s) will be held liable.

Our Terms & Conditions do not tolerate using our licensed trademark, design right, or copyright owned or controlled by www.essenceing.com. We and our collaborators hold right for our site features fully. We do not endorse and we will take action against users who create copies from these, and we do not encourage to share it with any third parties for individual or business benefit.

Seller-customer disputes are natural in business. But the fact is that problems happen due to lack of communication or any prohibited activity from buyer or retailer (that rarely befalls). Quarrels are supposed to be settled from a valid legal office only. The final explication will be of the legal jurisdiction, whatever it is, it has to be taken by both parties.

We make sure that experts work with our organisation to give their maximum to make the website perfect. Still, we expect humanly mistakes. Errors may befall, for instance, a product description, price structure, texts, graphics, image display, etc. We clear mistakes and update the site soon we see any issue. We accept people's opinions and input.

We, at Essenceing, have the power to eliminate account without any preliminary warning. This is arranged to secure all the data we have. If we doubt any consumer or someone else for disrupting the guidelines and/or utilising resources of essenceing.com, we will take stern actions. We prevent visitors/customers who are once held for their unauthorised actions unendingly. Those users who have violated our rules and have made shopping are not approved to go forward or buy our goods anymore, all unfinished obtainments will be dropped.

We are happy that we are winning so many reviews, comments and testimonials on our site and third-party sites. Sometimes there could be false. Such comments should be observed as an individual's conception and some are opponents deliberate actions to bring us down in the market.

We send emails to our account holders and patrons who are supposed to get special deals, offers, and newsletters that have something based on our site's updates and user's interest. Those who no longer wish to receive any updates from us may unsubscribe our emails.

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