Lasting Vegan Cover Foundation

Lasting Vegan Cover Foundation

Lasting Vegan Cover Foundation

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High Coverage : Just one layer of Double Lasting Vegan Foundation guarantees you a flawless skin. Thanks to “Double Shot Technology” you get full coverage makeup. Korean foundation that moderately protects skin from UV-rays

24-Hour Long-Lasting Makeup: Full coverage foundation with vegan ingredients became 1.4 times stronger than Etude's original double lasting foundation and gives Perfect skin Expression with Long lasting coverage. 24-Hour Long Lasting With vegan ingredients and pigment veil technique, the product forms a makeup film that does not change color over long period of time

99.197% No smudge: ‘One-layer adhesive cover’! Smooth and thin application of the best vegan liquid foundation can express a clear moisturized skin without the need to use concealer. 99.197% smear prevention proven with body application test what makes this product best vegan foundation makeup gift for woman

DOUBLE COVER AND NO STICKNESS: Effortlessly covers problematic skin areas such as blemishes and redness. Holds up the entire time without becoming sticky. Gives a fresh smooth looking face makeup without drying the skin out

Foundation that relieves your skin concerns: Provides healthy and clean skin looking face makeup expression with vegan certification along with a formula that reduces the stress on the skin

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