Blackhead Off Cotton Mask 1Pack (20pcs)

Blackhead Off Cotton Mask 1Pack (20pcs)

Blackhead Off Cotton Mask 1Pack (20pcs)

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Patch type and wrapped individually, so it is easy to carry.

Contains more pure and natural ingredients.

Its skin safety and the effect of use were enhanced and it is available for sensitive skin by adding the function to soothe skin.

Blocked pore and Blackheads clear by wiping out the dirt and residues on the skin.

Blackhead Off Cotton Mask

Black heads, white heads called for a solvent containing 100% cotton mask. Gently eliminates sebum without irritation.

The 100% cotton mask is filled with ingredient that dissolves blackheads and whiteheads.

When you attach the mask on zits-prone nose area, the special formula melt blackheads and whiteheads without causing an irritation.

The pores become completely empty and clean.

1. Great for any skin even the sensitive ones

The mask is safe for sensitive skin that is easily irritated and feels pressured.

2. Deep cleansing

The main causes of clogged pores are makeup residue and oil, and dirt from outer pollutants.

All theses harmful impurities are dissolved by the mask and the pore gets opened for blackheads and whiteheads removal.

The skin looks clear and pure.

3. 100% cotton mask

The cotton mask minimizes the factores that might cause skin irritation.

Also 100% cotton adheres onto skin tightly, so you can get pores deep cleansed and free to move while having the mask on your nose.

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