Return & Refund Policy

The Return policy illustrates the various cases in which a consumer requests for returning back the purchased product(s), and/or asking for a refund. It is explained here why their request should be accepted or denied. Although the cases stated are extremely rare, these might still occur and we need to address what could possibly happen. We accept the product returns if the following cases appear to be true and are proven to be right:

1. The products were found very near to the expiry date or have really expired and can no longer be in use.

2. The product was found broken or leaked.

3. The product was incorrect in quantity or size, number/count, or the type/name.

Please note that these cases should be found right after opening the parcel else it would not hold any validity. Moreover, whoever is complaining should not delay the request, otherwise, we cannot proceed with their issues. One should make sure that he or she does not make any alterations with the delivered package but keep them as it is, else we will not be able to recognize the trouble.

We cannot accept the returns if a consumer changes mind and simply returns back the items. There are also cases of not receiving the parcel in which we crosscheck the mailing address if that is correct and complete, and ONLY refund the money if it was entirely precise but still the product got lost. If you mentioned the address as incomplete or false you will require to freshly purchase.

If we investigate your case and that turns out to be in your favour, your account will be credited with the original cost price at the time of your buying. We do not refund the handling and shipment charges that you pay while giving us the items back. Full payment can only be entertained if you received nothing at your doorsteps.

The Credit card company takes about two weeks to reflect the received amount. If you observe that there are still no credits in your account you must talk to the concerned authorities to resolve your case.