Back To Baby Glow Beam Pink

Back To Baby Glow Beam Pink

Back To Baby Glow Beam Pink

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Enriched with natural ingredients like soothing chamomile extract, lavender, basil leaf, lilac and rosemary, this lovely cream is all you need to add zest to the makeup look. This hydrating cream act as a primer when worn beneath makeup. The magic wand effect of it doesn’t stop there: it creates a perfect canvas for foundation application, minimizes chalky look, and brightens the complexion. The natural botanical ingredients excellently unclog pores and control oil production. Also, a little goes a long way. 

Instantly brightens your complexion

Refresh dull complexion

Makes skin look radiant and supple

Does not have large glitter particles

Suitable for all skin types

Packaging: It comes in a firm aluminium squeeze tube

Texture: This primer is very thick that it does not run or drip down 

Fragrance:  Has the scent of baby powder scent.

Absorbing power: It seeps into the skin instantly leaving brighter, healthy glow on the skin.

How to use:

After cleansing, take adequate amount of the product and apply as per the instructions on the bottle.

Wait for 2-3 minutes for the product to seep into the skin. 

Follow up with the foundation for a glowy makeup look.


For the external purpose only

A Patch test is recommended for first-time users. In case of redness, swelling or itchiness consult a doctor immediately.

Avoid the eyes and mouth.

Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin

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