Log Powder Cleansing Bar

Log Powder Cleansing Bar

Log Powder Cleansing Bar

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Cinnamomum Kanehirai Powder Cleansing Bar

Exfoliate and regulate skin tone. Cinnamomum kanehirai powder is added to the soap for gentle and effective exfoliating, and Cinnamomum kanehirai oil is added to reverse the problem of dark complexion of Asian faces. This product enhance the face's luster and leave the skin with natural and radiance. This product is suitable for both adults and children.

Product Info:

  • Additional of Stout tree powder, helps gentle and effective exfoliating 
  • Extracted by pure Stout Camphor Tree essential oil with mild odor and no artificial flavor
  • Lightening the stripes and enhacing wound healing
  • Enhancing the skin’s luster and leave it with natural radiance 
  • Anti-allergy, diminish inflammation, degerming
  • Recommended for all skin types

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