White Milk Cream 50ml

White Milk Cream 50ml

White Milk Cream 50ml

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Pamper and protect your skin with this splendid White Milk Cream from 3CE that completely refurbishes the dry skin and retains it supple, soothed and conditioned. 

Product Description: 

This milk cream is filled with skin-quenching ingredients that instantly supply adequate moisture and brightens the dull complexion. It expertly targets the blemishes and clears the dead cells, to leave behind fresh, beautiful skin. 

Milk Protein Extract is extremely hydrating and contains a host of rich nutrients that revitalizes the withered, dry skin. It actively boosts the secretion of collagen and eliminates the free radicals that cause premature ageing. It also controls hyperpigmentation and works to fade dark spots. It promotes the formation of new cells and retains the skin soft, healthy.

Vitamin E immensely supports the skin structure and protects it from external damages. It absorbs the UVB light and shields the delicate skin from sunburns, sunspots. Vitamin E seriously fights against skin inflammations and cures the red, irritated skin. It deeply moisturizes and provides a soothing effect to the skin.

Cocoa butter is full of rich fatty acids that intensely nourish the skin and enhance its elasticity. The fat content in cocoa butter creates a protective film that firmly locks the moisture content. The phytochemicals present in this extract enhance the blood circulation and helps to maintain a glowing complexion.

For optimum results:

Apply the cream onto face and pat lightly at the last step of skincare regimen. For extra protection, apply once in 2-3 hours while stepping outside in the sun.

Suggested Use:

At the last step of your skin care routine, apply a small amount on neck, arms, legs, and any other areas of your body that you wish to brighten your skin tone.

Make sure to close the lid after use.


1. If following problems occur upon using the product, stop use immediately; further use may worsen the symptoms.

Consult with a dermatologist if necessary.

  • Red spots, swelling, itchiness, irritation, or any other irregularities.
  • If applied area shows above symptoms when exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Do not use on areas with skin conditions such as open wound, eczema, or any skin disease.

3. Notes on storage and handling.

  • Always put the lid back on after use.
  • Keep away from reach of children.
  • Keep away from high/low temperature or direct sunlight.

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