White Milk Sleeping Mask

White Milk Sleeping Mask

White Milk Sleeping Mask

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White Milk Sleeping Mask from 3CE deeply conditions and nourishes the skin overnight to leave it beaming when you get up in the morning.

Product Description: 
This sleeping pack is formulated with the exact blend of active ingredients that targets the blemishes and imparts ultimate hydration to the skin right from the first application. 
Milk Protein Extract delivers a surge of vitamins, nutrients to the skin and miraculously heals the damaged facial tissues. It also enacts the role of a mild cleanser and expels the dirt, excessive sebum and even blackheads from the skin. It controls the secretion of the darkening hormone, tyrosine and imparts wonderful fairness to the skin.
Tea Tree oil acts as a very good anti-inflammatory agent. It effectively eliminates the bacteria that create acne, pimple outbursts. It nourishes the inner layers and conditions the skin inside out. Oatmeal extract reinforces the skin barrier and protects them against the damages caused by chemicals, pollutants and UV rays. The mild pH of oats intensely cools the inflamed skin and triggers rapid healing. The saponins in oat extract effectually de-clog the pores and leaves behind a smooth, clear complexion. The honey extract acts as a complexion booster and renders a ravishing glow to the skin. Rich in antioxidants, honey greatly reduces the ageing signs and also provides a continuous supply of moisture to the parched skin.

For best results:
Apply an appropriate amount of the cream. Allow the cream to get absorbed fully for about 15 minutes before hitting the bed. 

How To Use:

1. Squeeze a quarter-sized amount and use after toning your face.
- Apply a thick layer and let the product absorb for 15 minutes before going to sleep.

2. Squeeze a dime-sized amount and use as the last step of your skin care routine.
-Like a rich moisturizing cream, it helps hydrate your skin with a light refreshing sensation

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