Blackhead Off Cotton Mask 5ml

Blackhead Off Cotton Mask 5ml

Blackhead Off Cotton Mask 5ml

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Masks are basically used to bring out all the dirt and other impurities that get stuck in the skin. Masks are filled with great release power. The Blackhead Off Cotton Mask 5ml is a face mask that helps to exfoliate the blackheads without further damaging your skin. 

Product Description:

The Blackhead Off Cotton Mask 5ml is a Face mask mainly to remove blackheads from the nose. It contains small and big granules of white sugar which stick well onto the skin. The mask is also rich in many natural plant extracts which helps to nourish the skin. It also provides moisture and hydrates the skin cells to a great extent. The mask comes in a very cute and small black packet that is easily portable.  The mask helps to control sebum and serves as a protective layer to the skin from harmful factors. The Blackhead Off Cotton Mask 5ml helps to even out the skin tone and brighten the tone as well. The first step is to steam your face and pull out the pores. Then apply the mask on the required area and leave it for 15 minutes. Once it is dry, remove the strip and wipe off the impurities, black and white heads off the nose. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get rid of dirt from your face. One of the most essential 

Suggested Use:

1) Adhere a Blackhead Off Cotton Mask on the nose area and spread the mask evenly with your fingers after cleansing.

Tip: For maximum positive result, open up your pores by using warm water or steamed towel before applying the cotton mask.

2) Leave the Blackhead Cotton Mask on the nose for at least 15 minutes for maximum results and then remove it.

Important: Please leave the cotton mask longer to dry, it should be removed while it’s still moist.

3) Wipe exposed sebum, blackheads and whiteheads with a clean cotton swab or pad.

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