Jeju Water Sleeping Mask 80ml

Jeju Water Sleeping Mask 80ml

Jeju Water Sleeping Mask 80ml

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Night creams are very effective when it comes to skin repair treatment.  It is during the night that the skin cells are most relaxed and regeneration of new cells happens. Night creams promote sin brightening and moisturizing. The Jeju Water Sleeping Mask 80ml is a must-have and a necessity item in your skincare routine.

Product Description:

The Jeju Water Sleeping Mask 80ml is an everyday night mask that helps to cover up all the visible signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. It also reduces the dark patches and other discolouration from the facial skin. Moreover, it also acts as a protective layer or a barrier from the harsh rays of the sun and other external factors that could damage the skin texture. The Jeju Water Sleeping Mask 80ml also provides the required moisture and helps the skin in locking its water content to keep it moist and fresh. The night mask rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin texture and provides for an instant glow. The cosmetic brand Ciracle ensures that its customers get the best of every product and are satisfied with its results. The product Jeju Water Sleeping Mask 80ml definitely comes under this category and is a must-have. The night mask is suitable for all skin types. Take the required quantity and apply on the face, covering all areas. Massage until the cream is well absorbed.

Suggested Use:

1) Apply this mask pack after toning your skin. Pat and tap smoothly on overall face.

2) Go to sleep with the sleeping mask pack on without washing it off.

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