Hydra B5 Source 30ml

Hydra B5 Source 30ml

Hydra B5 Source 30ml

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Wrinkles and fine lines are one of the major problems that the women face as they age. Due to the lifestyle signs of ageing start showing early and damage the health of the skin. The Hydra B5 Source 30ml is a wrinkle care product from the brand Ciracle whose products are result oriented and very much in demand.

Product Description:

The Hydra B5 Source 30ml is a very popular product that is an anti-ageing skincare serum. The softener helps to repair wrinkles and fine lines that appear on ageing skin and provides the skin cells with required nutrients. It also helps to improve and increase the skin elasticity which results in firmer and younger-looking skin. The main ingredients of the Hydra B5 Source 30ml is a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Adenosine in Hydra B5 Source. The serum also provides enough moisture that keeps the skin smooth and soft. It helps to reduce rough and dry skin and reduces the visibility of already formed wrinkles. For best results apply the necessary amount of softener on a cotton ball and apply it to the skin. Start from the nose area and move outwards towards the rest of the face. Ensure to apply evenly and massage in a circular motion until well absorbed into the skin. Use is twice a week for the best effective results.

Suggested Use:

1) Twice a week, in the morning and night, apply 2~3 drops over the face.

2) When used with Vitamin C Serum, use it after the serum.

3) Massage the product into face by gently rolling it with the end of the fingers

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