Pencil Liner - Burgundy

Pencil Liner - Burgundy

Pencil Liner - Burgundy

Brand:16 Brand
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Burgundy shade is universally flattering—especially if you fall into the brown, green, or hazel eye color range—and you can spruce up your chic look in no time by lining with this stellar pencil liner from 16 Brand.

Why you should make it yours:

Made In Korea

High-impact pigmentation

Satin Shine Finish

Smudge-proof and fade-proof

Lasts longer 

Glides effortlessly

Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested

Texture: Smooth, creamy 

Suitable for: everyone who loves gorgeous eyes round the clock.

How to go with a smudged look:

To get an intense ‘I slept in my makeup’ smudgy look, apply the pencil liner only to the bottom line and then smudge it with your ring finger. 

For a smoky look, use a fatter burgundy liner. Start by warming up the pencil by rubbing it on the back of your hand. Dot it along the upper lashes followed by lower lashes. Next, moisturize a cotton swab with a little eye cream or moisturizer and smudge the line. Finish off the look with a sweep of deep purple or blue shadow to the lid, and ta-da!

Safety Instructions:

Keep it clean to avoid eye infection

Don’t share or swap your eye pencil with anyone. 

Do not risk injuring your eye by applying liner in a moving vehicle

Avoid using eye cosmetics if you have an eye infection or the skin around the eye is inflamed.

Store it away from infants and children

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