Lip And Eye Remover

Lip And Eye Remover

Lip And Eye Remover

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Few reasons why this deep cleanser is a must-have in any girl’s vanity: step one; it removes all traces of your makeup (including the waterproof ones) and sebum. Then, step two polishes, hydrates, and keep your skin glossy and young. This stellar oil-water dual-phase makeup remover is formulated with ingredients to provide effective skincare without stripping away your natural skin barrier.

·       Penetrate deep into the skin

·       Gently clears away excess sebum and deep-rooted makeup residues 

        Ideal for sensitive skin type

·       Leaves the skin firm, glossy, and moist

·       Doesn’t dry out the skin

·       Dermatologically tested

How to use:

·   Shake well before use

·   Take a small amount of the product on a cotton pad and soak it. 

·   Wipe off the dirt, oil, and makeup with the cotton pad.

·   Next, rinse with clear water


·       If your skin is sensitive, don’t overdo

·      To maintain product integrity, do not store it under direct sunlight

·       If you experience dryness or irritation, use less frequently or consult your dermatologist

·       Avoid the product getting into your eyes

·       Do not use on areas with wounds or skin infections

Brand: 3CE

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